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Grupo Folklorico Herencia Mexicana

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GFHM at Viva La Musica, Seaworld San Diego
GFHM bailarinas at Chicano Park, Barrio Logan


Grupo Folklorico Herencia Mexicana is a non-profit Mexican folklore dance company whose mission is to preserve, teach, and exhibit the traditional Mexican folklore and culture through the art of music and dance. 

Founded in 2018 by director, Federico Guerrero, Grupo Folklorico Herencia Mexicana has worked hard to maintain, promote, advocate, and showcase the rich heritage of Mexican folklore through the art of movement and music. Under director, Federico Guerrero and assistant director, Jaqueline Alvarez, the group that began with 15 dancers has grown to over 150 active dancers. Grupo Folklorico Herencia Mexicana (GFHM) enthusiastically offers a dance academy for ages 8+ along with the Professional Company who travels locally and throughout California to perform at Private and Public events. Grupo Folklorico Herencia Mexicana has honorably accepted performance invitations from multiple theme parks, Grand Openings, international Mariachi Festivals, San Diego Pride, Viva La Musica at Sea World San Diego and continues to support non-profit organization and charities throughout the United States.



10/27/2024 | Sunday| 12:00 PM | Oceanside Dia de los Muertos Festival | Oceanside, CA

11/01/2024 | 7:00 PM | Chula Vista, CA | Terra Nova Dia de los Muertos Event

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